National Security and Defense Council

An inquiry to NSDC should include the following:

  1. Name, postal address or email, contact telephone number of the inquirer.
  2. Type, name or contents of the required document
  3. Signature and date

A written inquiry should be sent to the following address:

Public Inquiries Department
8, Komandarma Kameneva St.

and state “Public Inquiry” on the envelope.

fax: +38 044 255 07 67


For oral inquiries please call

+38 044 255-07-67

+38 044 255-05-15


Security Service of Ukraine

Press center:

fax: +38 (044) 279-30-40


Ukrainian Interior Ministry

For mass media inquiries:

tel.: +38 044 254-98-62

fax: +38 044 254-96-34


Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense

Mass Media Inquiries

The request is made in a form of the edition and signed by the director of the media or his deputy.

For information or comments on the activities of the Ministry of Defence one should send the request to the Head of Communications and Press Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – Oksana Havryliuk by email


+38 063 347-15-57


Department for Press and Information

Head Oksana Havryliuk

+38 044-454-43-38

National Defense University

Media Assistant to Principal, Mayor Ryabokon Nataliya Mykhailivna

+38 063 930-25-39

Press Center for Army Ground Forces


+38 044 271-11-28

Press Center for Army Air Forces

Head, Col. Bayush Oleksandr Yakovych

+38 043 259-68-75

Press Center for Marine Forces

Head, Commander Chubuk Oleh Leoniyovych

+38 069 244-30-39
+38 069 245-03-24

Army Regional Press Offices