History of War in Ukraine

28 April. UN: 9,333 People Became Victims Of War Since Its Beginning In Donbas
19 April. PACE Rapporteurs: Five Russian Ministers Run So-Called DPR And LPR
18 April. Russian GRU Servicemen Found Guilty, Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison
16 April. Bellingcat: Russia Shelled Territory Of Ukraine With «Grad» Systems More Than 300 Times
15 April. BSEC Considers Crimea As Ukrainian Territory
14 April. National Police: Since Beginning Of ATO 50 Children Killed In Donetsk Region
13 April. Poklonska Has Stopped Activities Of Mejlis In Crimea
11 April. Russian Ombudsman: Sentsov And Kolchenko Are Ukrainians
5 April. Reports On Crimes Committed By Russian Military In Donbas and Crimea Delivered in EP
4 April. UN: Conflict In Donbas Leaves 1.5 Million People Hungry
3 April. Bellingcat: Russian «Troll Factory» Conducts Information Attacks on Ukraine
31 March. Staff: Militants Keep Heavy Weapon 8 Km From Demarcation Line
29 March. Decree On Demobilization Of Fourth Wave’s Military Entered Into Force
28 March. Activists Of Blockade Of Crimea To Start Guarding Administrative Border
26 March. OSCE: Mission Observes Presence Of Russian Troops In Donbas Since Beginning Of Conflict
25 March. RNBO Approved Savchenko-Sentsov Sanction List
24 March. UN Identified 176 Foreigners Serving In Armed Forces Of DPR And LPR
22 March. Nadiya Savchenko Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison
18 March. Canada Introduced Additional Sanctions Against Russia
15 March. Two Ukrainian Soldiers And One Civilian Were Released From Captivity
10 March. EU Council Extends Sanctions Against 146 Russian Citizens
3 March. Ukrainian Journalist Varfolomeyeva Released From Captivity
26 February. Three More Ukrainians Released From Captivity
25 February. ATO Staff: Ukrainian Units Gained The Control Over Shyrokyne
24 February. Bellingcat: Responsibility For Downing Of MH17 Lies With Vladimir Putin
20 February. Four More Ukrainian Soldiers Released From Militants’ Captivity
19 February. US At OSCE Called On Russia To Cease Attacks On Donbas
18 February. Ukraine Appealed To World Community To Condemn Russia’s Aggression
13 February. Poroshenko to Putin: This Is Not Civil War, But Your Aggression
8 February. The General Staff: 7 Thousand Russian Soldiers Still Remain In Donbas
5 February. MoD: 136 Ukrainian Soldiers Were Killed Near Debaltseve In 2015
29 January. 2269 Ukrainian Servicemen Killed During Conflict In Donbas
25 January. Council Of Europe Begins Human Rights Mission In Crimea
21 January. European Parliament Supports Deployment Of Peacekeeping Mission In Donbas
17 January. Civil Blockade Of Crimea Officially Changed Its Format
16 January. OSCE Patrol Vehicle Attacked By Militants
14 January. Regime Of Complete Ceasefire Announced In Donbas
1 January. Ukraine Is Elected Non-Permanent Member Of UN Security Council
30 December. CabMin Introduces Counter Sanction Against Russia
25 December. Ukrainian allowed Malaysian experts to investigate the crash of MH17 in Ukraine
23 December. US imposed new sanctions against Russia
22 December. Group of militants entered Kominternove near Mariupol
21 December. EU formally extended the economic sanctions against Russia for six months
17 December. Putin acknowledged the presence of Russians performing military tasks in Donbas
16 December. Russia established a drilling platform in the marine economic zone of Ukraine
9 December. 12th Report of the UN Monitoring Mission: More Than 9000 People Killed in Occupied Donbas
8 December. Electricity supplies to Crimea were resumed
30 November. Legendary Cyborg Andrii Hrechanov was released from captivity
15 October. Ukraine wins UN Security Council seat
13 October. Dutch Investigation Report On MH17 Crash
12 October. Energy blockade of Crimea started
11 October. President: Political settlement in Donbas is not possible without elections
10 October. Second stage of withdrawing weapons: Armed Forces Of Ukraine remove artillery from the delimitation line
6 October. Terrorists canceled fake elections
5 October. Armed Forces Of Ukraine began weapons withdrawal in Luhansk region
2 October. Normandy Format negotiations in Paris
1 October. Obama signed order to supply military radars Q36 to Ukraine
25 September. Detained russian major sentenced to 14 years in prison
22 September. Ukraine and NATO signed an agreement on the status of NATO mission to Ukraine
11 September. President’s Declaration: For the first time in 18 months no casualties, shellings in ATO zone
10 September. Resolution of the European Parliament On Release Of Ukrainian Prisoners In Russia
9 September. OSCE Refused To Monitor Fake Elections Of “DPR” And “LPR” Terrorists
27 August. Agreements of the Trilateral Contact Group on Ceasefire
25 August. Sentencing of Sentsov and Kolchenko by the court in Rostov-on-Don
12 August. Government adopts set of sanctions against Russia
11 August. Dutch prosecutors announced having found Buk missile wreckage in MH17 catastrophe site
10 August. ATO Forces Rebuffed Enemy’s Attack Near Starohnativka
9 August. OSCE SMM Vehicles Incinerated In Donetsk
31 July. Approval of amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization
29 July. Russia’s veto during the UN Security Council vote for the resolution on establishing international tribunal in MH17 case
29 July. Details of the detention of Russia’s military officer in Donbas
17 July. Resolution of the Parliament on the appointment of local elections in Ukraine, including in government-controlled areas of Donbas
9 July. OSCE SMM Mandate In Ukraine Extended For Another Year
July 8. Draft resolution on MH-17 tribunal, introduced in the UN by Malaysia
7 July. Electronic Clash Line Passage System Starts Functioning
2 July. Militants Withdraw Troops From Shyrokyne
29 June. Canada Expands Economic Sanctions Against Russia And Occupied Crimea
22 June. EU Council Extended Sanctions Against Russia Till End Of The Year
22 June. OSCE Representative to Tripartite Contact Group Replaced
19 June. EU Extends Sanctions In Response To Illegal Annexation Of Crimea by Russia
15 June. Discontent Grows In Occupied Territories: Anti-Militant Rally In Donetsk
15 June. Turkey Publishes Report on Human Right Violations in Occupied Crimea
11 June. Russia Is Responsible For Human Rights Violations In the Occupied Territories – Ukraine’s Statement In CoE
June 4. Repelling Militants’ Massive Attack on Marinka
May 28. Putin’s Decree makes the information about the attrition of Russian armed forces during “peacetime” a state
May 23. “Cyborgs'” Leader Freed From Militants’ Captivity
May 21. SSU Published Evidence of Russian GRU Special Forces 3rd Group’s Participation in Ukraine
May 16. Detention of Two Russian Active Servicemen in ATO
May 14 EU Assessment Mission to Donbas Starts Its Work Today
May 12 Nemtsov’s Report “Putin. The war” Presented in Moscow
May 3 Last Bodies of MH17 Victims Transported to the Netherlands
Apr. 29 Russia-occupied Crimea in Top-10 Worst in Terms of Press Freedom – Human Rights Activists
Apr. 28 NATO and Ukraine Sign an Agreement on Support Cooperation
Apr. 26 Ukrainian Armed Forces Presented a Plan For Demilitarizing Shyrokyne
Apr. 24 NATO states big military build-up on Russia-Ukraine border
Apr. 21 MFA of Ukraine: Russia is still trying to disrupt the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements
Apr. 21 Verkhovna Rada adopts a declaration on Resistance to Russian armed aggression
Apr. 20 Russia-backed militants concentrate manpower in Luhansk
Apr. 17 US Sky Soldiers arrived in Ukraine for military training
Apr. 15 Russia is restoring nuclear warhead storage in the occupied Crimea
Apr. 14 The UN reports 1,2 mln IDPs in Ukraine
Apr. 13 The talks of Norman Quartet in Berlin
Apr. 13 Massive enemy shelling near Donets
Mar. 27 Russia-backed militants resume Grad MRLS shelling in Luhansk region
Mar.25 Regular bus trips a mine in Donetsk region
Mar. 15 Putin Acknowledged Russia's Pre-Planned Occupation of Crimea
Mar. 11 Ekaterinburg Sent Mercenaries to Donbass to Fight Against Ukraine In Spite of Cease-Fire
Mar. 11 Rebels Resumed Fire on Ukrainian Border Guards in Donbas
Feb. 28 Militants Step Up in Donetsk Sector
Feb. 26 ATO Forces Began to Withdraw Heavy Weapons from Clash Line in Donbas
Feb. 22 Terrorist Attacks In Kharkiv
Feb. 12 Militants’ Massive attack on Debaltseve
Feb. 12 Minsk Agreement: Presidents of Ukraine, Russia and France and Chancellor of Germany signed a ceasefire agreement for Donbass
Jan. 24 Terrorist fighters shelled Mariupol with heavy artillery
Jan. 22 Terrorist attack at a bus stop in Donetsk
Jan. 13 Terrorist attack in Volnovakha, Donetsk oblast
Sept. 5 Representatives of the OSCE, Ukraine, Russian and so-called DNR and LNR signed a ceasefire agreement
Aug. 30 Several hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers killed in Ilovaysk
July 28 Ukrainian Army captured Savur Mohyla, a strategic point in Luhansk oblast
July 17 Russia-backed fighters shot down a Malaysian airliner MH17 leaving 298 dead
June 24 Terrorists violate the ceasefire
June 17 Terrorists captured Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot, and illegally transferred her to Russia
June 16 President Poroshenko proposes a peace plan to settle the situation in the Eastern Ukraine
June 14 Terrorists shot down an Il-76 military craft in Luhansk with 49 people killed
May 26 A Fight for Donetsk Airport: Ukrainian Cyborgs
May 22 Terrorist attack a checkpoint near Volnovakha
May 11 Terrorist fighters held illegal referendums in Donbass
May 9 Rebel Fighters Attack Government Buildings in Mariupol
May 2 48 killed in clashes in the streets of Odesa
Apr. 27 Militants proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic
Apr. 13 Anti-terrorist operation launched in the Eastern Ukraine
Apr. 12 “Little green men” in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk
Apr. 7 Separatists proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic
Apr. 6 Armed pro-Russian separatists seized government buildings in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv oblasts
Mar. 27 UN General Assembly supports Ukraine's territorial integrity
Mar. 18 Russia Formally Annexes Crimea
Mar. 16 Illegitimate referendum on Crimea's status
Mar. 1 Russia allowed its army to enter Ukraine
Feb. 27 Russian special forces seized Crimean Parliament
Feb. 21 Pro-Russian Demonstrations in Crimea