Airport: The Day. Documentary

Airport. The day Documentary tells a story about defenders of the Donetsk Serhiy Prokofiev airport, a bridgehead in E. Ukraine Ukrainian soldiers were holding for 242 days.

Despite numerous attempts by the militants to take over the airport, it stayed under Ukraine’s control May 2014 till February 2015 when Ukrainian troops finally left the building, by then completely destroyed. Today Donetsk airport and its surroundings remains one of the hotspots in the ATO zone.

With most shooting done on the spot, the 45-min. documentary shares stories of Ukrainian fighters who also become known as ‘cyborgs’. Within five weeks of shooting, film’s crew recorded seven-hour interview with 17 airport defenders. The main charachter of the documentary is Col. Redut, one of the commanders of the ‘cyborgs’, whose face is not shown due to national security reasons, as he is still at the frontline.

Commissioned by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, the documentary was first aired 11 May, 2015 on Ukrainian television and shown at cinema theaters in Kiev.