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Russia-occupied Crimea in Top-10 Worst in Terms of Press Freedom – Human Rights Activists

29.04 10:49

Russia-occupied Crimea is among top ten worst countries and territories in the world in terms of press freedom according to the data published in the report of Freedom House nongovernmental organization, informs Radio Svoboda.

The annexed peninsula appears on this list along with Belarus, Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Human rights activists consider the current level of press freedom in the world to be the lowest in last 10 years and attribute this phenomena to violence against journalists and laws restricting media activity that have been adopted recently in many countries.

In a report published on April 29, Freedom House points out a significant reduction in the press freedom in 18 countries and territories during 2014.

In particular, the Russian media are increasingly subordinated to the state. Researchers point out “the nepotism of private media and political leadership” or business interests that motivate to limit criticising the government. Freedom House also criticized Russia for its “active and aggressive use of inaccurate and often openly threatening propaganda to displace genuine journalism.”


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