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Russia Failed Every Provision of the Minsk Agreement – MFA

21.04 16:40

Russia is still trying to disrupt the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements thus preventing peace in Ukraine, stated Yevhen Perebyinis, MFA spokesman during a briefing today, reports UNIAN.

“Russia has not fulfilled any of her responsibilities under Minsk agreements, and its real actions are aimed at disrupting these agreements and continuation of the aggression against Ukraine,” – said Perebyinis.

The spokesman said that Russia blocks the implementation of Minsk agreements starting with the very first paragraph on the ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons, thus preventing further progress in the restoration of peace.

He also noted that today “Russia wants a direct contact, they want to talk about real steps on decentralization and constitutional reform, despite the fact that Russia can not simply make neither the militants, nor Russia itself comply with the fundamental decisions agreed.

“Russia and illegal armed groups don’t withdraw heavy armaments from the clash line, and Russian claims on this issue are not confirmed by the OSCE,” – said Perebyinis, pointing out that the militants continue attacking Ukrainian positions with mortars, including 120mm ones, which are banned by the Minsk agreements.

For your interest, according to the OSCE SMM, heavy armaments that were allegedly withdrawn by the militants have disappeared from the designated place of storage.


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