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Verkhovna Rada Adopts a Declaration on “Resistance to Russian Armed Aggression”

21.04 11:27

Verkhovna Rada  adopted a resolution on the statement on “The resistance to Russian armed aggression and overcoming its consequences” (№ 2332) by a positive vote 259 of 316 MPs registered in the session hall, reports UNIAN.

Deputy Speaker Oksana Syroyid noted that the resolution, which was supported by all fractions of the coalition, introduces the official date of commencement of Russian aggression against Ukraine – February 20, 2014.

For your interest, on January 27 Verkhovna Rada approved a bill recognizing Russia as an aggressor country, and self-proclaimed “DNR” and “LNR” as terrorist organizations.

The Parliament after recognizing the Russian Federation as aggressor urged international partners to prevent impunity for those responsible for crimes against humanity committed since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In addition, Verkhovna Rada stressed the need to strengthen the pressure on Russia, including the introduction of new sectoral restrictive measures and sanctions to stop Russian aggression and make the Russian leadership fulfill the Minsk agreements.


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