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ATO HQ: Russian involvement in Donbas confirmed yet again after clash on July 23

25.07 18:18

On July 23, Russia-backed militants attempted to assault Ukrainian positions in Popasna area, Luhansk region. As a result, two militants were killed and eight were wounded, said Col. Valentyn Buryachenko, head of the ATO HQ, at a press briefing in Kramatorsk.

One of the dead militants had insignia of a so-called “1st Platov Kozak Regiment” on his uniform. This unit has been reorganized as the “6th Regiment”, while former commander Pavel Dryomov was killed due to internal conflicts.


Other signs of Russian involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine were pieces of Russian-produced military gear, rifles, ammunition, grenades and anti-personnel mine brought to Ukraine from Russian military warehouses. Col. Buryachenko added that Russia consistently supplies its proxies in the Donbas with various kinds of weapons.




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