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Intelligence: Russian officer dies in eastern Ukraine

04.07 15:50

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On July 3, Colonel Aleksandr Bushuyev, officer of the Russian Armed Forces and commander of the proxy 7th Motorized Brigade in eastern Ukraine, was killed as a result of mine explosion near the city of Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region. Two of his bodyguards, members of the Russian Spetsnaz, were severely injured. Col. Andriy Lysenko confirmed the news, citing Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

On June 29-30, the 7th Brigade suffered heavy casualties after starting a failed offensive near Luhanske village under Col. Bushuyev’s orders. Bushuyev gave inaccurate information to the commander of the Russian proxy forces in the Luhansk region regarding the Ukrainian offensive, asking for artillery reinforcement. The move resulted in casualties among the militants. As a result of failed advance, Bushuyev was dismissed as commander of the unit and summoned to Donetsk. His car hit the landmine on the way to the city.

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