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Intelligence Names Two More Russian Curators Of Militants In Donbas

13.05 14:05

The position of the Commander of 3rd separate motorized brigade (Horlivka) of 1st Army Corps of Russian Armed Forces is held by Oleksandr Maksymov Valeriyovych. In addition, Russian Colonel Andriy Ruzynsky Yuriyovych holds the position of the Commander of 2nd separate motorized brigade (Luhansk) of 2nd Army Corps (Luhansk).

This was reported by the Main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Reportedly, Maksymov was sent to Donbas in March of 2015.

It was additionally established that at the end of 2014, Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces Maksymov tried to appeal, by judicial procedure, against the decision of the commander of the 102nd military base Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces Ruzynsky, concerning the imposing disciplinary action but under the pressure of the command he had to relinquish court action to the 5th military garrison court (Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia).

The fact of participation in hostilities in the temporarily occupied territories of the East of Ukraine gives an opportunity to Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Maksymov to hope for final remark’s remission and continuation of military service.

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