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Ukrainian Hackers Hacked Several Separatist Websites

10.05 09:52

On May 9, Ukrainian hackers from the cyber alliance of anonymous groups carried out an operation #OpMay9, in the course of which they hacked nine websites of terrorist formation DPR, as well as several Russian websites spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

This was reported by InformNapalm.
In addition, the participants of #OpMay9 operations have hacked several resources of Russian private military companies which act under the aegis of Russian FSB in Ukraine and Syria.

Hackers were leaving #OpMay9 #оп9Травня hashtags, as well as short videos about WWII and contribution made by Ukrainians into fight against Nazism.

Among the hacked websites there were the official website of DPR, the official website of Donetsk, Russian propagandist website Pravda DNR (The DPR Truth), aggressive propagandist resource of Russian private military company E.N.O.T corp. and some other anti-Ukrainian websites.

As previously reported, powerful Russia-controlled botnet was revealed in Ukraine.

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