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Another Russian Military Unit Arrived At Kominternove, – Intelligence

06.05 13:43

According to the intelligence, 45th separate special service airborne brigade of Russian Armed Forces was redeployed from Novoazovsk to Kominternove. In view of this, the level of sabotage-reconnaissance activity in Mariupol sector may increase.

This was reported by the Main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.
According to the intelligence, the 45th brigade was directly involved in annexation of Crimea. Since 2014, it is engaged in regular sabotage-reconnaissance operations in Donbas. The commander of the brigade is Russian Colonel Vadym Pankov.


The intelligence also informs that Russia continues to supply militants in occupied Donbas with military hardware, fuel and lubrication materials. In particular, 11 T-72 tanks were brought to the village of Rosa Luxemburg, Donetsk region, six cisterns (up to 300 ton) of diesel oil fuel – to the town of Rovenky, Luhansk region.

As previously reported, another Russian military unit arrived at Donetsk.

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