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Bellingcat: MH17 Was Shot Down By Buk Belonging To Russian 53rd Brigade

03.05 13:14

Bellingcat analysts have established the number of Buk antiaircraft weapons system which was used to shoot down Boeing-777.

This was reported by Aric Toler, one of Bellingcat experts, Espresso TV reports.

“The exact number was unknown. The figure in the middle was covered with paint (by Russian military – ed.). We have established what it was – figure three. The number of the Buk is 332”, the expert says.

He has emphasized that the Buk belongs to Russian 53rd brigade.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot on July 17, 2014, over the DPR-controlled territory of Donetsk region. The accident resulted in 298 deaths. The majority of passengers (196) were the citizens of the Netherlands.

As previously reported, the Buk missile launcher seen in eastern Ukraine a few hours before MH17 was shot down was under Russian/separatist control.

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