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Militants Started Using Combat Drones Forbidden By Minsk Agreements

01.05 09:03

On April 29, combat enemy drone was noticed over Donetsk sector.

According to the press center of the ATO Staff, the drone was noticed late in the evening over the village of Lozovatske, Donetsk region.

When flying over the position of one of ATO forces’ units, the drone dropped more than 10 explosive devices. Eight of them exploded after they reached the ground.

Luckily, the drone has been noticed in time and immediate measures have been taken to prevent personnel and hardware losses.

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The fact of use of combat drones is one more case of violation of Minsk Agreements by the enemy. Ander the Agreements, it is forbidden to use weapon of such type.

As previously reported, Russian aircrafts have been noticed conducting reconnaissance of UAF facilities in several areas.

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