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InformNapalm: Olenivka Was Shelled From Terrorists-Controlled Territories

29.04 11:48

Shelling of Olenivka, Donetsk region, was conducted from eastern positions, currently controlled by militants.

This conclusion was made by InformNapalm volunteer group on the basis of video materials from the scene of shelling.

The volunteers have estimated the form of craters caused by shelling and arrived to the conclusion that fire was conducted from the east. In other words, they doubt conclusion made by OSCE monitors assuring that shelling was carried out from southwestern side. Besides, the assumption of the OSCE monitors that the attack was conducted with weapon of not less than 122mm caliber seems doubtful as well.

“We can understand their attempts to attribute this shelling to Ukrainian Armed Forces, though the size of craters points at smaller caliber: that is the crater caused by large-caliber shells (it is a bit smaller on the asphalt, but still large),” InformNapalm reports by adding that shelling with the use of 122mm weapon would cause much more serious damage.

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As previously reported, ATO Staff gave direct evidences proving involvement of militants in shelling in Olenivka.

Reportedly, the distance from the first position of Ukrainian military to the scene of shelling is 6,6 km. In view of military characteristics of 82mm mortars, they cannot be used at such distance.

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