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Bellingcat: Russia Shelled Territory Of Ukraine With “Grad” Systems More Than 300 Times

18.04 09:25

Head of the organization Eliot Higgins said this to one of the German TV channels, – Ukrinform reported.

“We investigated the attacks in Ukraine of the summer of 2014. Many facts argued that the attacks had been launched from the other side of the border, in Russia, but we did not have enough evidence”, – Higgins said.

Now, according to him, the evidence have been obtained basing on the analysis of the satellite data. Using the open Google programs, “one can see that the fields (in eastern Ukraine) have come under Grad fire, more than 300 attacks, since mid-July 2014”, – he noted.

The same maps show the multiple launch rocket systems hidden in the shelters. The Russian servicemen shot in at least five directions. There is the video evidence in social networks, and it was possible to establish the exact places with the help of Google Maps. “Everything indicates that those were the planned attack”, – the analyst summed up.

As known, since the beginning of military aggression in Donbas Bellingcat analysts have repeatedly presented evidence of the presence of Russian military and weapons in Ukraine, despite the fact that Russian authorities claimed the opposite.

In addition, Bellingcat experts were involved in the investigation of the crash of Malaysian Boeing which was shot down by the militants over the territory of Donetsk region in 2014, all 298 people on board were killed. The report mentioned the names of Russian military who, according to the analysts, were involved in the MH17 accident.

Earlier, Bellingcat said that the “Buk” which shot MH17 down was under the control of militants.

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