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Presidential Press Secretary: Russian Special Services Were Preparing Fake Interview Of Ukraine’s President

13.04 10:02

This was reported by the Presidential press secretary on Facebook, Ukraine today informs.

“Russian special services continue hybrid war against Ukraine. They have tried to arrange an interview on behalf of the Ukrainian President for The New York Times, using a fake letter”, wrote Tsegolko.

“They indicated the phone numbers and emails of their agents on the fake blank, held talks and even read out ‘answers’ to the questions over the phone,” Tsegolko wrote.

However, journalists of The New York Times contacted the Ukrainian President’s press service to verify the authenticity of the records. “The fake interview wasn’t published. I’m thankful for this,” Presidential press secretary added.

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As earlier reported, Bellingcat analysts presented a new investigation, which demonstrates the relationship between fake video appeal of alleged “representatives of the AZOV battalion”, threatening to attack the Netherlands, and the so-called “troll factory” in St. Petersburg.

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