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Nadiya Savchenko Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison

22.03 15:18

The verdict was delivered today, on March 22.

The court considers that Savchenko’s alibi was not proved. The judge has “no reasons to stay hesitant about Savchenko’s guilt on all counts”.

During the final part of verdict delivery, Savchenko started to sing. After this, the judge has announced a break.

After the break, the court has announced the verdict – 22 years in prison.

“18 years – for the murder and 10 – for murderous assault. Overall, 22 years in prison and 30,000 RUB for border crossing,” Savchenko’s lawyer Mykola Polozov wrote on Twitter.

As previously reported, three provokers were let in the court room where hearing in Nadiya Savchenko’s case is taking place.

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