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Investigation: Russian Military Base Is Being Built Near Border With Kharkiv Region

18.01 12:07

The investigation was carried out by InformNapalm.

In September 2015, the news media reported that a new military camp is being built on 300 acres in Valuysky district of Belgorod region, 25 km from the border of Ukraine. After the construction tender was conducted, the building contract worth 3.3 billion rubles was signed with the St. Petersburg company Megaline.

Within the first stage of the building, administrative buildings and the barrack zone was expected to be finished until December 7, 2015. According to the contract, the whole project is supposed to be finished until 29 April, 2016.

As the activists of InformNapalm reported, there are photos proving that the building was indeed started near the local railway line.

Still, the tempo of the building is rather slow because of, as the investigators assume, lack of financing or shift in Russia’s priorities.

The full text of the investigation is available here.

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