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Infographics: Expenditures of Defense Ministry in 2016

14.01 09:57

Compared to the year 2015, the resources of the Ministry of Defense increased by 7.6 billion or 16%.

11.4 billion or 20% of the total amount is assigned for the development of weapons and equipment, 3.2 billion or 6% – for preparation and training of the Armed Forces.

Logistics costs account for UAH 6.5 billion, the payment of one-time financial aid – UAH 1 billion, construction of housing for servicemen – UAH 700 million.

Approved budget will significantly increase the level of payment for military personnel according to the requirements of the President of Ukraine. In particular, an ordinary soldier will receive at least UAH 7 thousand monthly, and a brigade commander – UAH 14.5 thousand.

Moreover, according to the on of the acts of the Ministers’ Cabinet of December 30, 2015, soldiers and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who perform tasks in the ATO area will pay no military fee.

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