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Hockey-Player From Tambov Turned To Be ‘DPR’ Member

11.01 13:24

This was reported by international volunteer group ‘InformNapalm’.

Ivan Voropayev is a hockey-player and a coach of a youth team ‘Yastreby’ from Tambov, Russia.

Investigators from the ‘InformNapalm’ managed to find Voropayev’s page in social network ‘Vkontakte’ where he posted his photos from his service in ‘DPR’ and from hockey trainings.

As assumed by ‘InformNapalm’ Voropayev became the member of the 5th brigade of 1st army unit of Russian occupation forces in summer 2015. It is highly probable that he belongs to ‘DPR’ now, too.

On his page, there is a photo where Voropayev stands against the background of a military machine with a lozenge with a figure 5 in the middle.

Voropayev’s comments to the photos on his page prove that he is in Donbas, too. It is also proved by a photo against the background of a department store ‘Zolote Kiltse’ in Donetsk.

As previously reported, Russian paratroopers under the guise of ‘militia’ and representatives of the ‘Berkut’ special unit seized the administrative buildings during the annexation of Crimea in the spring of 2014.

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