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Savchenko’s Kidnapping And Case

23.03 16:50

On June 23, Savchenko was illegally transported to Russia. Later she said she was carried by six different cars with a bag on his head. Until June 30, pilot was held in Voronezh hotel “Euro” under the protection of armed men in masks. Savchenko said that she was forbidden to go out, open a window and chat with relatives.

Then Savchenko was transported to Moscow, imprisoned and accused in involvement in the deaths of Russian journalists in Donbas. According to the defense, Savchenko could not be complicit in the deaths of these people, because she was prisoned before their deaths.

On October 26, 2014 at the snap parliamentary election Savchenko was elected a deputy for list of “Batkivshyna”, and Parliament has delegated her to the PACE.

In late January 2015, Savchenko’s Russian investigators told about new criminal case against her – for illegal border crossing. Thus in refusing to recognize the international immunity PACE delegate.

Savchenko twice started a hunger strike to protest her illegal detention in Russia.

On July 6, 2015 the Investigative Committee of Russia announced the completion of the investigation in Savshenko’s case. As a result of the investigation a paragraph on the attempted murder of civilians was added into her allegations.

“I said, show me who they are. These are the citizens of Ukraine, but in a criminal case there are no examinations of their bodies”, said Savchenko. She said the “investigation finds that I cited” weapon “on a group of civilians. But there is no evidence”.

Also in Savchenko’s final prosecution she was charged with direct involvement in the killing of journalists. Her lawyer Ilya Novikov said that the prosecution changed so as to coach her alibi.

“Pictures” (the investigation, – Ed.) have changed in May, when they realized that Nadiya had alibi that she even wasn’t near the village Metalist (two Russian television journalists were killed during the shelling last year near Lugansk, – Ed.)”, said the lawyer. He added that “the second version is as fake as the first.”

Currently, the Moscow City Court extended the detention of Savchenko until September 30.

On July 13 General prosecutor of the Russian Federation approved the indictment in the Savchenko’s case. According to him, she was threatened to be sentenced to 25 years in prison.

As Ilya Novikov noted, Savchenko’s sentence does not depend on the judges, but on Vladimir Putin, and only the pressure on him can help her.

On December 23, Donetsk Court declared the results of the examination, according to which Savchenko had been captured before the shellings and deaths of journalists Korneliuk and Voloshyn. It became known from the results of the examination of Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University researcher Olha Voziakova.

Next day, on December 24, court decided to attach a video interview with the former leader of the terrorist group “LPR” Valerii Bolotov to the case. But on December 25 it dismissed the complaint of Savchenko‘s defence on the decision to extend her detention. Сourt refused to attach evidences of Savchenko’s defence.

On January 21, court refused to adduce the conclusion provided by a mobile operator to the materials of the case. The provided evidences prove Savchenko could not be present in Stukalova Balka, as the Russian prosecutors claim.

On January 25, court refused to question servicemen Savchenko was in captivity with.

During the meeting on February 1, Savchenko recognized Surkov’s assistant as one of her hijackers, who, in turn, is the assistant of the Russian President.

On March 2, defence declared that had evidences of involvment of Putin’s administration in Savchenko’s abduction. As Illia Novikov reported, Pavlo Karpov, assistant to the RF president’s assistant Vladyslav Surkov, held talks with former leader of militants Valerii Bolotov during the abduction of Savchenko.

On March 3, Savchenko announced dry hunger strike because of hearing’s shift. “I will declare the dry hunger strike if court does not give me the final word”, said Savchenko. However, the court adjourned the meeting and left the room.

In Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow and London, FreeSavchenko rallies in support of the illegally detained Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko started on March 8.

On March 10, Savchenko stopped a dry hunger strike.

On March 15, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated, tha Ukraine coordinated elaboration of a Savchenko Sanction List with the European Union and the United States. The Head of State noted that the Ukrainian party demanded immediate access to Nadiya Savchenko for the Ukrainian and German doctors, as well as the ICRC specialists. Soon Poroshenko added, that a new sanction list which will include Russian officials, involved in torturing of 11 Ukrainians. “During the negotiations in Brussels I expressed my full support for the initiative of Euro-MPs concerning creation of the so-called Savchenko list. I have submitted the corresponding project to our European partners. It includes persons responsible for violation of human rights, abduction and persecution of Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko. This list will be thoroughly considered in European capitals”, said the President.

On March 22, Donetsk city court in Rostov region (Russia) adjudged Savchenko guilty on all counts. The court considers that Savchenko’s alibi was not proved. The judge has “no reasons to stay hesitant about Savchenko’s guilt on all counts”. During the final part of verdict delivery, Savchenko started to sing. After this, the judge has announced a break. After the break, the court has announced the verdict – 22 years in prison. “18 years – for the murder and 10 – for murderous assault. Overall, 22 years in prison and 30,000 RUB for border crossing”, reported Savchenko’s lawyer Mykola Polozov.

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