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Putin Acknowledged Presence of Russian Citizens in Donbass

17.12 13:21

Putin acknowledged this when answering the question of Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk who mentioned servicemen of Russian Main Intelligence Directorate  “Captain Aleksandrov and Sergeant Yerofeyev from the third special troops’ brigade in Tolyatti”, who were detained in the Donbas, reports “Ukrainska Pravda”.

“We never said that there (in the Donbas – Ed.) are no people dealing with certain issues in the military sphere”, – said Putin.

“But this does not mean that regular Russian troops are present there. Feel the difference”, – he said.

Today in Moscow the Final Conference with the Russian president took place. 1390 journalists were accredited.

As previously reported, a volunteer recorded deaths of three Russian citizens in Donbas, one of whom was the serviceman of Russian Armed Forces.

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