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Infographics: Rewards And Compensation For ATO Fighters

22.10 11:07


Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, participating in ATO, continue to receive money rewards.

According to the Ministry of Defense, as of October 20, Ukrainian soldiers received over 779 thousand UAH for the destroyed military equipment of the enemy, about 3.5 million UAH for the successful performance of combat tasks in the units, more than 68 million UAH for the direct participation in hostilities.

In total, 14 thousand 229 soldiers received additional money rewards, their total amount is 72 million 572 thousand UAH.

Families of killed soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were paid 1 billion 17.5 million UAH of financial support. 186,5 million UAH were paid to the ATO fighters for injuries or disabilities.

This year, 117 soldiers, participating in ATO, received apartments.


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