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Infographics: Russia Is Deeply Soiled By Syrian War

16.10 16:19

This is stated in infographics of the Ukrainian crisis media center.

Kremlin supported the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the outbreak of civil war in Syria, providing weapons and training the Syrian military.

In recent months, Russia has increased its contingent in Syria and began to put air strikes on positions of the Syrian opposition and “Islamic state.” Infographics shows how Russia is deeply soiled by the Syrian war.

According to the infographics, from the beginning, Russia has sent 40 ships to Syria, including VDK (large amphibious ships); in addition, to Latakia there were made seven flights of AN-124 supposedly with “humanitarian aid”. Thus, Russia provides Syria with armored vehicles, tanks, anti-aircraft missile systems, military equipment and personnel – marines.

As a possible springboard for the invasion can be used airbase in Latakia, being under construction.



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