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Dutch Investigators’ Report: MH17 Shot Down By “BUK”

13.10 14:37

This is stated in the report’s presentation of the investigative group unveiled by BBC journalist Mahuz Sadik, awaiting presentation.

“Causes of the crash – the crash of Boeing was caused by the detonation of a model 9M314M warhead, fitted to a 9M38- series of missile that was fired from a BUK surface-to – air missile system” – said in the paper version of the report.

During the presentation, a spokesman for the Dutch Safety Board Tyibbe Yustra said that rocket hit in the left front side of MH17.

“This aircraft was one of the 160 flights in that part,” – said the representative of the Dutch Safety Board.

“No one thought that civil aviation is at risk. 61 airline operators from 32 countries were flying over eastern Ukraine. Everyone thought it was safe, “- he said.

“We ruled out that the plane was defective, or the explosion took place because of weather conditions,” – he said.

For your information, today in the Netherlands were announced the investigation results.

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