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Second Stage Of Withdrawing Weapons: Armed Forces Of Ukraine Remove Guns From Contact line

10.10 12:05

According to “Radio Svoboda“, this was reported by the spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznyov.

“Today ATO forces under the control of the OSCE SMM observers have started second stage of the first phase of withdrawing weapons from the boundary line caliber less than 100 millimeters. Today guns are being removed at a distance determined by the Minsk agreements,”- said Seleznyov.

This phase will last two days, has said Seleznyov.

“Then we will make a statement that the weapons are withdrawn, after which verification starts… Then we will move to the third phase of the first stage – withdrawing mortars. We plan until to complete the whole stage until October 18,”- said the spokeperson of the General Staff.

According to Seleznyov, the OSCE observers will watch to ensure that the declared weapons were brought to ground.

Ukrainian side has already withdrawn from the contact line all the tanks at a distance of 15 kilometers. The next step, as reported by the military, will be the removal of anti-tank cannons caliber 100 mm from the boundary line.

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