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Ukrainian Schools Closed And a Lack Of Crimean Tatar Educational Institutions

21.07 11:33

As a result of this policy many Ukrainian language teachers were fired.

Chairman of the NGO “Crimean center of business and cultural cooperation “Ukrainian House”Andriy Shchekun declares that in the annexed Crimea learning Ukrainian language is actually banned, particularly high school students are deprived of such opportunity. According to Shchekun, out of 400 Ukrainian classes in Crimea only around 50 are currently functioning, and the only Ukrainian Gymnasium was actually Russified.

“There is only one parallel from 1st to 9th grade left, according to the Russian legislation, in high school students aren’t allowed to study in their native Ukrainian or any other language”, – said Shchekun.

In addition in the Crimea was disbanded its only Ukrainian language faculty, it was converted to a chair at the Faculty of Slavic Studies and Journalism of Crimean Federal University (CFI). Also in Sevastopol was closed compartment Ukrainian organization “Enlightenment”.

Regarding the situation of the Crimean Tatar language in Crimea there are now only 15 schools where children of indigenous inhabitants of Crimea may study their native language. Еhe delegation that the Turkish authorities sent to the Crimea to study the situation of the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula came to the conclusion that to provide all the interested persons with this opportunity, 200 more schools need to introduce classes in Tatar language.

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