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Militants Abducting, Torturing And Killing Civilians

22.07 10:47

International human rights organization Human Rights Watch published a report showing that in the eastern Ukraine militants kidnap and torture civilians, and force them to work.

Liberated from terrorists’ captivity hostages declare beatings, cigarette burns, knife wounds, etc., as well as militants’ use of  forced labor of civilians. According to the director of human rights organization in Europe and Central Asia Hugh Williamson, militants regularly commit terrible crimes that raise serious concerns about the health and safety of all people held captive.

25 April, 2014 in Sloviansk militants kidnapped theater director Pavlo Yurov and public activist Denis Hryschuk. They spent 70 days in captivity.

“The nose was broken – it was the first blow. When we were brought into the territory of the SSU, militants began to compile a description of our belongings, and then I get a punch in the nose. Blood began dripping, I was shocked. Then they took us to the garage, there they beat us with hands, feet, to the head, to the body. Denis’ hand was cut – I do not know whether on accident or not. They called a nurse, the nurse was handling his hand, while on the other side militants beat him in the ribs. I just inserted tampons in the nose so the blood didn’t drip, and they continued beating my back. They were intimidating everyone: all these jokes with cutting our ears off. They said that some Gogi was going to come and rape us, tried to take off our pants. It was in the evening when we were captured and then took to the basement”- recalled Yurov.

Yurov and Hrischuk declared constant beatings and forced labor in militants captivity.

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