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Russian BM-21 Near Mertsalovo in Dobropillia District

17.03 12:46

On June 13, 2014 terrorists left a BM-21 mount targeting Dobropillia in the area of the community Mertsalovo in Dobropillia district of Donetsk region.

Upon the examination, evidence regarding its belonging to the Russian military baze 27777, located in the Chechen Republic, was found. Among such are a door with allegedly painted with the emblem “18 омсбр” (Russian for “separate motorized rifle brigade”); the serial number is not listed on stocks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; markings found on rockets as well as the battery 6ST-190N, found during the inspection, are not used by the Ukrainian army. In addition, the board records in Russian were found, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the state language (Ukrainian) for documentation. On the back of BM-21 commander’s notepad there was found an inked seal for packages of Russian military base 27777.

All the evidence above suggests that the BM-21 mount belongs to separate motorized rifle brigade 58 A of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, Kalynovska, Chechen Republic.

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