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Canada Expanded Economic Sanctions Against Russia And Occupied Crimea

30.06 09:54

As reported by “Radio Svoboda“, this was stated by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“Until there is real peace, until occupying forces are withdrawn, and until Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty is restored, there must be ongoing consequences for President Putin’s regime. Our Government is therefore announcing additional sanctions and travel bans against Russian individuals, and economic sanctions against Russian entities, as well as a Crimean import/export ban”, – said Harper in a statement published on Monday, June 29.

Stephen Harper emphasized that further sanctions would be taken in coordination with our partners. Expanded list of sanctions included Russian companies “Gazprom”, “Gazprom Neft”, “Surhetneft” and “Transneft”.

Canada also launched sanctions against individuals, namely, Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin, leader of the Eurasian Youth Union Pavlo Kanischev, and one of the leaders of the Russian motorcycle cluh “Night Wolves” Andrii Kovalenko.

For your interest, on 22 June, the EU Council extended sanctions against Russia for another six months. On 19 June, it became known that EU extended sanctions against Russia-occupied Crimea.

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