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EU Extends Sanctions In Response To Illegal Annexation Of Crimea by Russia

19.06 15:25

On 19 June, Council of the European Union prolonged the restrictive measures introduced by EU as a response to the illegal annexation of Crimean peninsula and Sevastopol city until 23 June 2016.

This is stated in a message on the website of the European Council.

The sanctions include imports of products from Crimea or Sevastopol into the EU; investment in Crimea or Sevastopol; tourism services, meaning that no European cruise ships can call at ports in the Crimean peninsula; exports of certain goods and technologies to Crimea, particularly, in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors.

As it was stated during the meeting of the European Council on 19 March 2015, EU continues to condemn the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia and remains committed to fully implement its non-recognition policy” – reads the message.
For your interest, on 22 June Council of the European Union is planning to extend economic restrictions against the Russian Federation without any discussions.

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