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80 Militants Killed Near Marinka – Lysenko

04.06 12:48

According to current information, yesterday as a result of fighting near Marinka Russia-backed militants suffered heavy losses, reported Col. Andriy Lysenko, ATO Spokesperson, during a briefing in Kiev on June 4.

“During yesterday’s battle near Marinka illegal armed groups have lost up to 10 armored vehicles, 80 militants were killed, and over 100 enemy soldiers were wounded” – he said.

However, according to Lysenko in neutral zone there are still some bodies of pro-Russian left.

For your understanding, illegal armed groups of “DNR” terrorist organization on June 3, about 4:00 a.m. started an offensive in Donetsk region using tanks and self-propelled artillery.

It was reported earlier that the militants have lost about 50 people in the fighting.

Earlier it was reported that militants had lost about 50 soldiers in collision near Marinka.


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