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General Staff Spokesman Unveiled Details Russian GRU Officers’ Arrest in ATO

18.05 12:08

After the Ukrainian soldiers captured two Russian GRU officers near Shchastia, Russia’s proxies launched mortar attack in order to kill their own companions.

This is said by spokesman of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Selezniov on “Channel 5.”

“Yesterday about 15:00 there was a skirmish with a subversive group, which included Russian special ops soldiers. There were about 14 soldiers. They received information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, deployed in Shchastia, near Luhansk thermoelectric power station, allegedly left their positions. So they tried to seize a strategic bridge in the area of ​​the locality. While demining the area, three Russian soldiers run into ambush of Ukrainian military. There was a battle, which involved personnel of 92nd mechanized brigade and soldiers of ‘Aydar’ battalion,” said Selezniov.

According to him, it was the servicemen of 92nd Brigade, who captured the Russians.

“These are servicemen of 3rd brigade of special ops, permamently located in Tolyatti … During the combat, these soldiers were wounded. One was wounded in the leg, the other – in the hand. Now they are giving evidence that supports the presence of Russia’s regular military personnel on the territory of ATO,” said the spokesman of the General Staff.

He also noted that due to the fight with Russian special ops, one Ukrainian serviceman, soldier of 92th brigade, was killed.

“That is why these soldiers must bear criminal responsibility for their actions,” he said.

In addition, Selezniov reported that during the battle, after the militants realized that their companions had been captured, mortar fire was heard.

“This means that militants tried to kill not only the Ukrainian military, but their companions. Militants spear no effort in trying to destroy any evidence of the Russian regular forces’ presence on the territory of ATO,” said the spokesman of the General Staff.

According to him, the captured Russians will be dealt by authorized persons. In order to get that done, all the circumstances that led to their presence on the territory of Ukraine must be clarified.

As previously reported, on May 17 Ukrainian military detained two Russian Main Intelligence Directorate officers (GRU) in ATO zone.





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